Service car support

Personnel training for plant operation


LPE System are designed under three main criteria.

Environmental regulations

After Sale Service

As the systems are designed specifically for each customer water treatment requirements.

Not only spare parts, membrane cleaning and testing, water and membrane analysis, we also provide maintenance service agreements to ensure that the entire water treatment system is operating in highest and optimized performance.

LPE offers preventative maintenance service agreements to ensure that the systems with pre/post treatment are functioning at highest and optimized performance. An experienced engineer can work with you to develop a customized preventative maintenance schedule that is designed specifically for each water treatment system.

Our trained service technicians specialize in the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of the water treatment systems and will make sure that the water system is proactively being monitored and maintained. Reports on system performance along with any suggested action items will be provided to customer regularly or when it has sign of problems.

Preventative Maintenance Service options include:

  1. System monitoring, spare parts replacement
  2. Instruments calibration
  3. Analyzer calibration /system suitability test with its solutions
  4. Membrane cleaning service with schedule planning from data normalization trends
  5. Chemicals feed pump calibrations
  6. System sanitization
  7. Weekly/monthly of trained technicians be stationed at site as requested