Membrane Health Center

About MHC

Our Membrane Health Center has the capacity and expertise to recover any membrane element material/module of any configuration.
This Membrane Health Center (MHC) is well equipped and collaborates with global leaders in membrane manufacturing and top notch chemical producers and suppliers.
When these membrane system have a problem like excessive pressure drop, high permeate conductivity, deviated permeate flow, we can provide your company necessary services and recommendations to calibrate and stabilize the system operations.

Our Membrane Health Center facilities and services include:

  1. Cleaning the membrane elements, test before and after cleaning compare with pure water flux(PWF).
  2. Unload membrane, record position of membrane, identify membrane position, element serial number in system.
  3. Validate control system before reinstall cleaned membranes.
  4. Foulants identification and selecting appropriate cleaning agents.
  5. Compatibility of membrane materials and cleaning agents.

Membrane Cleaner Selection Test Unit

Testing and cleaning facilities

Testing and cleaning facilities

Membrane Problem Investigation