We are The Leader in Membrane Separation processes

High purify water production for electronic & semiconductor industries

LPE laboratory continuously provides analytical support during the early stage of project, process development and after-sale service.

LPE believes in customer satisfaction and provides continuous technical support through warranty and service contracts.



"To provide membrane technology based environmental friendly solutions for industrial applications"

Specialize in membrane separation processes.

Provide high quality manufacturing and engineered separation systems.

Provide solutions with latest advanced technologies.

Provide continuous and reliable technical support to clients.

Test and develop technical innovations at pilot scale.


We very believe that LPE will have long term growth and save survival because we can invent innovative technologies and know-how by ourself. We are brave to move forward into the future with confidence in any circumstance.

 We have

-  Great quality staffs, who can create new concepts, ideas, strong basic fundamental, work smart.
-  Great facility is LPE Membrane Knowledge Center (MKC), LPE Membrane Health Center (MHC), Membrane Process Development, Laboratory, Library, etc.

We believe that the environment is important. Efficient usage of resources is valuable to save the world. Moreover we are confident that our sharing of knowledge and experience can be useful to society and our customers. These were inspired to establish LPE Membrane Health Center (MHC) and LPE Membrane Knowledge Center (MKC).

These are the keys success of LPE Company.

Membrane Knowledge Center

LPE is intended to share this knowledge with various interest groups through the creation of Membrane Knowledge Center.

Membrane Health Center

Our Membrane Health Center has the capacity and expertise to recover any membrane element material/module of any configuration.