Membrane Knowledge Center

Designed and constructed with the Green Building concepts with rain water harvesting.

About MKC

LPE is intended to share this knowledge with various interest groups through the creation of Membrane Knowledge Center.The prime objectives of this center is to train and share the knowledge and resources with our customers, researchers and university students. This center is 1,200 m2 green concept building, with a well equipped, pilot scale test and analytical laboratories, training and recreational facilities to conduct professional seminars and training programs.

MKC Activities


MKC is equipped with training and seminar faculties designed in resort atmosphere to accommodate 60 participants.


Collection of various membrane specimens from leading membranes manufacturers, such as Asahi, Dow-Filmtec , GE, Koch, Lanxess, Membrana, Memcor, Microdyn-nadir, Nitto Denko, Norit, Toray, etc.

Membrane of lab scale, pilot scale, and industrial scale of various configurations are kept on display to learn about the membrane technology development trajectory.


More than 500 membrane application related textbooks, technical handbooks, research and trade journal articles, covering from diverse membrane related subjects such as: membrane based gas separation, electrodialysis, fuel cells, water and wastewater treatment, membrane bioreactor, ultrapure water treatment, etc.

Pilot Unit

  • 800m2 of membrane pilot testing laboratory facilities.
  • MF, UF, NF, RO, ED pilot units
  • Different flow and operational modes: inside-out, outside-in, dead end, cross flow, vibrating membranes, rotating membranes.
  • Organic and inorganic membranes of various configurations.
  • More than 200 ready to operate pilot test rigs.
  • Organic and inorganic membranes of various configurations.
  • Possibility to develop a membrane test rigs from conceptual ideas to operational stage.
  • Pilot testing for industrial customers and researchers.

Historical Development of Membranes

Membrane Filtration Type