Reverse Osmosis System

Submerged Ultrafiltration System

Wine Clarification System

Hydrolyzed Starch Demineralization System


LPE System are designed under three main criteria.

Environmental regulations

Total Solutions

LPE provides total solutions from the process development, design, manufacturing through installation, training and maintenance services.
Customized solutions and flexibility in design ensures easy and trouble free operation of the system.

The solutions we provided include:

Water treatment
  • Ultrapure water system for semiconductor, power plant
  • Purified water/Water for injection for Pharmaceutical
  • Clarified water for portable water
  • Drinking water with innovative technology
  • Soften water/Ultrafiltration/Reverse Osmosis/EDI/Membrane contactor
Waste management and recycle
  • Volume reduction, minimized discharge water
  • Minimized waste and reuse
  • Reduction waste TDS
  • Used chemical recycle : NaCl, HCl, NaOH, process chemicals
Purify used chemicals and recover valued chemicals
  • Purification of used brine
  • Purification of used acid / alkaline
  • Purification of used chemicals
Enhance food products and chemicals
  • Clarification
  • Concentration
  • Fractionation
  • Cold sterilization
  • Pre-concentration
Energy saving & sustainability
  • Pre-concentration process
  • Optimized system design
  • True cost analysis
  • Used Brine /HCl / NaOH recycle